Best Grow Lights 2018 Review & Perfect Buying Guide For Your Garden

best grow lights

Aren’t Grow lights magical? Grow lights have turned out to be magical item for all types of gardening methods: indoor and outdoor. If you want good quality of fruits and flowers, you must need to start grow healthy plants with the help of best LED grow lights.

In this modern day’s grow light have been very popular especially for indoor gardening lovers. These lights have gradually taken over all the LED lights. From your home to your perfectly organized garden, full spectrum LED grow lights have been mesmerizing us with its fluorescent spectrum in our modern life. It is easy to choose the best grow lights from different forms of lighting they provide us – HID, LED and fluorescent. Although fluorescent grow lights are proven to be harmful for your garden. Because it has a harmful elements which is caused reducing the growth and development of plants. HID lights contain harmful mercury which can really damage your health and the environment. So, LED grow lights cannabis is considered to be most safe regarding human health and the environment. Moreover, LED lights are cheap and have less power consumption.

A grow light is mainly an artificial light that helps in speeding up the plant’s growth and it fills up the requirement of the sunlight. Because when planted indoors the lack of sunlight can minimizes the growth of plant, germination and photosynthesis. Or during the winters getting enough sunlight is really a big problem. Here, we have selected below 5 best LED grow lights 2018 review for your indoor gardening. So have a look and go through it!

1. Viparspectra reflector series 600 W

Viparspectra reflector series 600 W is an upgraded version of LED grow lights. You can grow everything you desire to grow in this natural LED light. This product comes with a big heat sink made up of aluminum, a spectrum layout and a good design. Reflector series has improvised versions of LED grow lights with 5 inches big high speed fan that provides fast cooling to the device.

The grow lights from the reflector series can be used for any type of plantation. If you wish to grow big-big flowers and fruits in your indoor garden, this grow light will help you through at all stages of growth. It will seem to make solid buds blooming in your indoor garden. Well, it depends on the nutrients, water and the soil provided by you also. The product from Reflector series are especially designed to keep the high PAR under controlled balance for better outcomes. These cheap grow lights will give you the best yield besides a good lifespan.

Many LED grow light brands claim that they are cheap but Viparspectra is truly reliable. When the power consumption of Viparspectra LEDs and HID is compared, 600 W reflector series LED grow light will save money in your electricity bills each year. The coverage provided by this product is not only limited to the centre of the installation area. It will cover the full area. This product can be controlled through timers and is easy to handle. If you are into growing Legal Cannabis, Viparspectra is a great device for you.

Pros & Cons of Viparspectra reflector series 600 W

Why Should Use?
  • This product will provide a great coverage for greater performance.
  • You will be glad to know that this product is pocket friendly as it is energy efficient.
  • This product has a low price range.
Why Shouldn’t Use?
  • Only for indoor purposes.
  • Not a water proof device.
  • Production of the flower depends upon the precise usage.

2. Roleadro LED Grow light, 300 W Galaxyhydro series

Roleadro 300 W LED grow light is one of the best products in the market. It’s mainly because of the advanced features offered by this mind-blowing product. This product has a number of positive user reviews than other LED grow lights.

The chip onboard feature is a unique feature added to it. This feature provides you a centralized light of your indoor plantation. The daisy chain technique is used in Roleadro grow light, giving you the maximum yield. This product will become an essential tool for the growth of your plants. The on/off switch is a useful feature when you wish to grow cannabis. One of the main features of this product is the reflective cup.

The reflective cups serve you with the maximum output and high efficiency. These cups allow a greater coverage area than LED grow lights. It will come handy to you as it comes as a compact and light device. The heat dissipation system makes it suitable for the growth of your indoor plants. Reflective cups are built in for the maximum output. To ensure that the energy conversation woks the right way, on/off switches are present. These switches also increase the efficiency.

Pros & Cons of Viparspectra reflector series 600 W

Why Should Use?
  • You will get the full spectrum. It is well researched for the most effective results.
  • Helps in an efficient growth of your plant.
  • The losses are diminished and because of the power saving mode, the lifespan and the productivity of the product increases.
Why Shouldn’t Use?
  • You cannot manually control the spectrum.
  • Very fragile. Needs to be handled carefully.

3. Viparspectra reflector series 450 W full spectrum

Viparspectra reflector series 450 W is a different version from other Reflector series LED grow lights. Reflector series has improvised versions of LED grow lights with high speed fan to provide rapid cooling to the device.

This grow lights from the reflector series offers you the full spectrum. It can be used for any type of plantation. It will help to make flowers, vegetables and fruits blooming in your indoor garden. This grow light will help you through out at all stages of growth of your plants.

It will keep the high PAR under control. It also comes with a heat sink and a good design.

The coverage provided by this product is not only limited to the centre of the installation area.

Pros & Cons of Viparspectra reflector series 450W

Why Should Use?
  • These cheap grow lights will give you the best yield besides a good lifespan.
  • 450 W reflector series LED grow light will save money in your electricity bills each year. This product is pocket friendly because it is energy efficient.
  • This product has a low price range and is easy to handle.
  • Perfect for a 2×2 tent.
Why Shouldn’t Use?
  • Only for indoor purposes and not a water proof device.

4. BESTVA DC Series 1000W LED Grow Light

Bestva quality 1000W LED grow light comes handy with double chips and provides a full spectrum. This product is suitable for every small to large scale indoor gardening job. Its efficient full spectrum is designed and created after years of testing and variety of experiments.

It is scientifically tested and developed to sustain the power and the spectrum coverage under balance. This grow light is an ideal source for the development of plant growth and germination along with soil culture.

Bestva grow light’s biggest advantage is that it doesn’t overheat. But if usage time exceeds the limited time then there’s will be a slight heat up in comparison to the room temperature. Red light is the main reason to generate heat. The garden environment and the moisture might also cause of rise of temperature too.

But don’t worry, its inbuilt cooling system works continuously to prevent from being over heated. The holes and the glass on the panel maintain heat convection, so bestva grow light stays 80% cooler than any HID light.

This 1000W product offers a full spectrum that develops the plant growth from the early stage to the end stage. It is suitable for every stage. It provides the best result on the blooming of the garden. Bestva 1000W led grow light is helpful in any type of project.

Pros & Cons of BESTVA DC Series 1000W

Why Should Use?
  • Bright LED light that is perfect for your indoor gardening.
  • It’s less power consuming than other 1000 W LED lights. This product will cost you much less in the electricity bill.
  • This product is under budget and comes under a compact size and weight, much suitable for all types of garden areas. A quality product with excellent performance.
Why Shouldn’t Use?
  • This product is not fire proof and water proof. So, it has to be handled carefully.
  • Generates a little bit noise but bearable.

5. King Plus 1000w full spectrum LED Grow Light with UV

You need the best tools for the growth and development of your plants. King Plus offers you 1000 W Double Chips full spectrum LED Grow Light which consumes about 11-120 W power per day. King Plus Grow light has the best user rates and reviews amongst all.

King plus LED lights can be your energy saver tool besides offering you the best performance. This can be the perfect LED grow light for you whether you want it for a grow laboratory or for your indoor gardening purposes. King plus 1000 W is a full spectrum which includes UV and IR radiation. UV rays help in the development of seed, germination and enhances the energy levels.

You will be able to grow vegetation, flowers and fruits within a short duration even in a small area or garden.

King plus LED grow light comes with a lamination. 5 Watt chips are provided by each LED. It turns out to be efficient than 3 Watt LEDs. This product will an energy saver and will prove out to be active in the gardening.

This is a very effective light for greenhouse plantation. It also has an ideal light which serves all the purposes including breeding, seedling and so on.

King plus 1000 W produces an ideal light for any type purposes like growing vegetables, flowers and fruits. To keep the device cool, two cooling fans are built in.

Pros & Cons of King Plus 1000w

Why Should Use?
  • This product can be installed in small as well as large areas.
  • Average lifespan is of about 50k hours.
  • Easy and fast installation.
  • This brand gives you a warranty service of 180 days.
Why Shouldn’t Use?
  • Not a fireproof or water proof device.
  • Coverage area offered by this product is less.

Check list before Buying a Best LED Grow Light

After reading this full review, you must be feeling overwhelmed. I don’t blame you if you are confused about what to chose and what to not? Everybody wants to have the best. If you are having a tough time making a decision for your indoor garden, here’s a checklist that you must consider once you decide to buy a best LED grow light.

  • Well, the type of plant you are growing should be taken into consideration first. You need to see if the plant requires LED grow light for its development or not. LED grow light might not be effective on some plants. So, you have to check for that.
  • You should get into each and every detail before choosing the best LED grow light. Plus, you should be familiar with all the technical terms related to the details of the grow light.
  • If you are not sure which factors are to be considered then look for these ones: First, it should be compact enough to be placed well. Second, compare the power consumption with the other LED grow lights. Power consumption should be less. Third, you should look out for the durability. LED Grow lights have to be more durable than other lights.
  • To narrow down the number of products you have selected, just go for their brands. Check their full reviews and user ratings before buying. This is really effective. Eliminate on the basis of flaws and bad reviews.
  • Compare the price of your chosen LED grow light with all other brands. After all, money matters. Draw a conclusion as to what offers best in low price. Make a smart buy. Some grow lights will be expensive but will offer you the best.
  • If you want to reap the good out of LED grow light, choose the perfect color of the light. The color of the LED grow light ensures the growth and development of your plant, flowers and fruits. So, choose the color of the LED grow light wisely according to the plant you wish to grow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can any LED light be used as a grow light?
Nowadays, only LED and fluorescent lights are widely used for professional indoor gardening purposes. LED grow lights emit wavelengths only that are to be utilized by the plant. Buy only LED grow lights for the indoor gardening because LEDs are inexpensive ones which provides full spectrum replicating the natural spectrum of the sun.
Q2. What color LED grow light is the best?
The spectrum of light plays a very important role in the growth of plant. So, choose the color of the spectrum wisely. If you want to grow flowering plants, then colors below 3000k i.e. red colored spectrum is the best. A combination of red and yellow lights will also help the plant to produce flowers. Blue light is best when chosen for vegetative plants. It encourages the leaf growth and is good for vegetation.
Q3. How do I choose how many watts I need for an LED grow light?
Choose the grow light that consumes less power but full coverage. 600 W LED grow lights will be ideal for your plant growth and for your pocket.
Q4. How much light is needed per square foot?
50 W per square foot is favorable.

Final Verdict

LED technology is widely used to control the growth, production of flower and fruits, vegetation of the plant. If you have gone through the complete review section you surely know now what LED grow light is best for your indoor gardening. Choose the best for your plant.

TThose of you who want to grow plants in less space; doors are open for you too. Buy the compact size LED grow light with less power consumption and that will cost you less also. For fresher, set your mind towards the best LED grow light by comparing in terms of cost, brand, power consumption and spectrum.

Some of you might also go for looks. No worries! Different brands support different functions and themes. You just need to get to a conclusion as to which brand offers you the best in an affordable price. Good Luck!


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