8 Best Grow Tent Review 2018 with Full Buying Guide

best grow tent

In this depth review article we mentioned all the things, how you can choose best grow tent for your indoor gardening according your needs.Here we recommended market’s top 8 Best grow Tent for you :

Do you like gardening? Then consider yourself lucky. It is an excellent addition to your life to feel, to get, to go more near to nature. But cleaning the ground under in the warm summer season may not sound exciting for many of you. If you can easily create your own garden indoors then it will get easier for you to avoid the terrific weather changes. You can grow your vegetation, plants quickly and easily.

Grow tent offers you an amazing opportunity to design your own indoor garden. Moreover, it is very cost effective and easy to setup, making your gardening easy. You can choose from small grow tent and large grow tent because each has its own unique characteristics. You have to choose the one according to your garden. If you want to have the best grow tent then you must know some basic information before taking the final decision. This review will provide you an idea for the perfect buy of trending indoor grow tent. This review will provide you an idea for choosing the best indoor grow tent.

Hydroponic grow tent makes it easy for you to make your inside gardening projects in all the Seasons. It has an awesome ecological management system that helps your plant’s maximum growth. Grow tents include lightening, tent and some parts that will help you setup fast. You don’t need to worry for your indoor gardening, you will find everything in a grow tent kit. It is always available in the market.


Grow tents have become very popular recently to the gardening lovers. You can grow your plants without any hassle. This best grow tent review picked up the best grow tents right now for you. You can decide yourself which one is appropriate for your indoor garden.

What is Grow tent and why you need this?

Grow tents usually are rectangular in shape and comes with a complete package to provide you everything you need to set it up. It gives you full control over temperature, humidity and lightening. You can have a perfect surrounding for your plants.

Grow tent provides the maximum safety for the indoor gardens. You will have a tremendous control over the temperature, humidity and lightening. You can also keep the pests and insects from growing plants. Grow tents provides the great advantage to growing plants by controlling pests when accomplishing indoor gardening tasks.

Best Grow Tent

The photosynthesis process increases inside the tents resulting in better yields. The light falling on the grow tents isn’t dispersed instead it gets reflected. This air-tight tent is completely free from odor. Grow tent serves each of your plant individually. You can easily grow any type of seasonal plant at any time of the year.

If you love eating fresh fruits and veggies in any season then you must have the grow tents!

1. Gorilla LTGGT22 – The Best Grow Tent

Gorilla grow tent is perfect for both the starters and the seasoned alike. The unique thing about this tent is that you can change its height without much of a stretch. It can give you twofold yields. The tent windows let you observe your plant’s condition without much trouble.

Highlights Of Gorilla Grow Tent LTGGT22

  1. If you are searching for a decent grow tent on a low cost then this grow tent is perfect for you. This is a solid tent with all the basic features of a grow tent.
  2. The metal shafts are enough solid for your plants to develop. They are made of 100% steel.
  3. EZ see- through windows provides the opportunity to observe your plants without entering the tent yourself.
  4. There are wraparound zippers which give you simple access to the tent.
  5. It is possible to expand your grow tent up to 6’7”.’.
  6. The canvas is solid and is ok for your plants to develop.
  7. Mini pre-channels are accessible to keep away bugs and vermin.
  8. It has Bug safe customizable pre-channels.
  9. It is waterproof also. So you needn’t worry in rainy season.
  10. There are EZ see-through windows for you to keep a view on the development of your planting.
  11. You can change the tallness of your shafts according to your need.
  12. This grow tent is incredible for vegetative and blossoming plants. It is sturdy and you can do your planting for quite a while within budgets.

Pros & Cons

Why Should Use?
  • It has an exceptionally solid structure to hold bunches of plants because the tent posts are made of 100% steel.
  • The floor of the grow tent is waterproof.
  • It helps to keep the surface temperature of the grow tent lower because of its light reflecting rooftop.
  • Air-tight grow tent helps seal and keeps away smell.
Why Shouldn’t Use?
  • The zipper may start to fall apart with consistent usage. The window straps may tear too.
  • The vent arranged at the lower rear of the tent has a Velcro fold.

2. Apollo Horticulture grow Tent – Top of the List

Apollo Horticulture grow tent kit has lots of components that makes your garden ideal. This grow tent have removable Mylar floor plate, channel lashes and zippers. It quantifies 48” X 48” X 80”, sufficiently adequate to suit your most loved plants. The tent is created such a way that it keeps the bugs away, So that your plant’s growth isn’t hampered.

If you are searching for a decent quality grow tent on a budget then you should purchase this grow tent. It will make the ideal garden for you to develop your vegetables, organic products, blooms, and herbs.

Fundamental Features

  1. This hydroponics indoor grow tent has intriguing features that will help your cultivating.
  2. The tent material is thick and has metal posts that give additional security.
  3. It is firmly secured.
  4. It is perfect for bug control too.
  5. It has removable Mylar floor plate alongside light-proof and tear-proof Mylar lining. The most critical thing it does is that, it keeps the room at the right temperature for your plants to develop.
  6. There is a well ordered instructional manual that aides your work to be precise.
  7. You will get 90-day guarantee with this item and a 30-day Money back promise also.
  8. Generally speaking, it is a durable and great grow tent with loads of features. You will have a super indoor garden if you buy this grow tent.
  9. You will have the option to keep up the right wavelength of light for each plant.
  10. The plants will grow in ideal spaces and give you the best outcomes.
  11. With this grow tent you will completely control everything which is required for planting to get the perfect outcomes.

Pros & Cons

Why Should Use?
  • It is really useful to setup in any indoor spaces.
  • The structure is extremely solid.
  • It has best photosynthesis which is required for plants growth.
Why Shouldn’t Use?
  • You may find some light holes through the zippers.
  • The tent is solid, but it isn’t equipped for holding excessively numerous LED lights

3. IPower Grow Tent

iPower is a mainstream producer of grow tent and is admired by plant specialists all over the world. With this tent, you will have the opportunity to grow herbs, vegetables, and organic products at any time of the year.

The grow tent is made to help fascinating plants growth. You can control the temperature, lights and humidity required for these plants to develop.

iPower grow tent makes planting simple. It gives you a chance to have full control of the lighting and atmosphere. You can develop the plants in any indoor space without much issue.

Highlights Of IPower Grow Tent

  1. The grow tent has sensible price, so most plant lovers will be able to bear the cost of it.
  2. You will have the option to control the lighting and atmosphere inside the tent effectively.
  3. The tent has an intelligent covering for most extreme warmth and light control. This gives the ideal developing condition for your valuable plants.
  4. The tent is water-safe and the removable floor plate can be cleaned effortlessly.
  5. The zippers are well designed.
  6. There is a removable intelligent waterproof floor which allows you to keep the tent clean.
  7. The tent keeps smells and pests away.
  8. The tent is sufficiently solid to hold weight up to 110 lbs.
  9. The tent is comprised of tear-proof thick material and solid shafts.
  10. The inside is exceedingly smart and the light is reflected back to the plants.
  11. Its energy consumption is high.

Pros & Cons

Why Should Use?
  • It is solid and strong.
  • Tightly built zippers and twofold stitching makes the tent exceptionally solid.
  • It wouldn’t allow any light spilling.
  • You get one year guarantee for the item.
Why Shouldn’t Use?
  • The tent is somewhat heavy. Thus, you won’t have the option to move it starting with one place then onto the next.
  • The zippers can be difficult to move with constant use.
  • Some light may spill through the dividers and zippers, so it might be affected the plant’s development.

4. Gorilla GGT59 Grow Tent in 2018

Gorilla is an outstanding company among the other makers of grow tent. Gorilla grow tents gives you the opportunity to get more production. GGT59 is considered to be one of the tallest grow tents accessible in the market.

If you are considering developing tall plants so you will need more indoor area, at that point you should purchase this grow tent.

Highlights Of Gorilla tent GGT59

  • GGT59 has a solid edge of 100% metal thus, it is strong than all the other comparable items accessible in the marketplace.
  • If you wish you can extend it up to 12” utilizing the kit.
  • It has rooftop addition that stops infrared. In this way, the harmful rays can’t achieve the plants inside the grow tent.
  • You can have the complete 360-degree access utilizing the entryways of the tent.
  • The system is strong to the point that it can lift weight of around 300 lbs.
  • The uncommonly outlined rooftop keeping the temperature of the surface low, thus, makes it simpler for the plants to develop.
    The tent comes with tight seals to keep away the odor.
  • The zippers are made solid.
  • The grow tent is completely bug safe.

You can easily move inside this grow tent. This grow tent is one of the thickest tents accessible in the marketplace.

Pros & Cons

Why Should Use?
  • You won’t get such type of solid and well-manufactured growing tent in the marketplace.
  • It is made-up of strong metal and is fit for holding enough weight. You can easily develop different plants in the grow tent without over-burdening it.
  • The EZ see-through window to keep an eye on the development of the plants. You can increase the tallness of the grow tent as required.
  • The rooftop reflects infrared rays to keep the within temperature cool.
Why Shouldn’t Use?
  • The position of the tool kit makes it badly arranged.
  • This grow tent’s manual doesn’t provide any detailed instructions..
  • The solid zipper may enable light to leak out of the tent with long term utilization.

5. Apollo Horticulture Hydroponic Tent

This grow tent is best suited for the expert usages. Unlike other grow tents; it can’t be utilized as a part of house.
By any chance you are a plant specialist, this grow tent is ideal for you. It has all the fundamental features required to grow an outstanding garden.

Apollo Horticulture is unique among other producer’s of grow tent. This tent is extremely solid build. It last for quite a while and continue to produce best plants for the cultivator.

Highlights Of Apollo Horticulture Hydroponic Grow Tent

  1. It is a brilliant growing tent that can be utilized as a part of greenhouses for developing plants inside.
  2. It has twofold stitching with the goal that light can’t escape.
  3. The tent material is thick and will give the ideal assurance to your plants from the outside condition.
  4. The tent keeps any odors from spilling out.
  5. It additionally prevents bugs from getting inside the tent.
  6. The tent is 100% tear-proof and smart.
  7. You can hold warmth to keep the tent at the correct temperature for your plants to develop.
  8. A detailed guide is given alongside the unit.
  9. There have removable Mylar floor plate.
  10. Zipper of this tent is made of metal to give you a definitive assurance.
  11. You can enter the tent to take care of your vegetation.
  12. You will get a 90-day guarantee with this item.

If you need a superb developing space to make your dream garden, Apollo Horticulture Grow tent is best among other options you have.

Pros & Cons

Why Should Use?
  • This tent is very solid.
  • The metal posts are exceptionally strong and will keep your tent safely set up.
  • The tent texture is thick with twofold sewed texture.
  • In this way, you can develop your plants without stressing over any outside components influencing your plants’ development.
Why Shouldn’t Use?
  • The zipper might be an issue now and again.
  • The overhead shafts are short, so additional rope might be expected to hold the lights.

6. VIVOSUN Mylar Hydroponic Tent

This grow tent is for expert and fresher who loves indoor planting. This tent is perfect for developing any sorts of plants.

This grow tent has almost everything expected to make an ideal space for developing your plants. The entries are effortless for you to go inside the tent and keep an eye on your lovable plants.

The establishment of this tent is exceptionally straightforward. You get a 2 year guarantee for this tent. This tent has an exceptionally solid structure to secure your plants. You can easily develop your plants under controlled conditions inside this grow tent.

Highlights Of VIVOSUN

  • It comes with an additional thick canvas material and solid metal shafts.
  • It is twofold stitched.
  • The tent material is ideal for blocking light from escaping.
  • This tent has a metal zipper.
  • Removable floor plate is accessible for simple cleanup.
  • VIVOSUN tent is fixed with a material to reflect the vast majority of light
  • It has tear-proof Mylar with the goal that to get a peaceful climate to develop your plant.
  • It is extremely solid and has twofold stitching.
  • The general tent framework is extremely solid to give a sheltered situation for plants to develop.

Pros & Cons

Why Should Use?
  • This grow tent has simple see-through window so you can continually screen the advancement of your plants.
  • There is a tool bag included to keep your important cultivating apparatuses.
  • Removable floor plate enables you to clean the tent effectively.
Why Shouldn’t Use?
  • The tent may produce some light along the creases.
  • You have to keep the zippers in great condition; else, they may get non-functional.

7. Hydroplanet Grow Tent

You can get the ideal warmth and light control with this all around outlined tent. This tent is perfect for developing vegetables, foods grown from the ground herbs lasting through the year. The tent gives you a full control. It is a standout amongst the most strong grow tents that you will discover in the marketplace.

You can buy this tent in different sizes. You will have the option control the humidity plus temperature perfectly well in the grow tent which permits appropriate development of the plants. It has an extremely solid structure that enables you to have an overwhelming experience.

Highlights Of Hydroplanet Tent

  • You can discover this grow tent in black & blue colors.
  • This tent is effectively washable.
  • You will have a 2-year guarantee with the item.
  • It is shabby, yet strong. The outline is wonderful and it will fit any large or small space in home.
  • A guide is accessible to help the beginners to develop their beloved plants.
  • The tent can be effortlessly adjusted by your necessity. The setup of this tent takes less time.
  • This tent comes with tear-proof Mylar.
  • You can utilize the tent for blossoming too.
  • There are metal cross bars that are accessible to help lights.
  • The tallness of the grow tent is appropriate for developing tall plants.
  • There are vacancies provided to fit both lights and fans.

This hydroplanet tent is very prevalent for developing different sorts of veggies and natural products at home. The tent is exceptionally modified for indoor planting.

Pros & Cons

Why Should Use?
  • This grow tent has simple see-through window so you can continually screen the advancement of your plants.
  • There is a tool bag included to keep your important cultivating apparatuses.
  • Removable floor plate enables you to clean the tent effectively.
Why Shouldn’t Use?
  • A good guideline isn’t accessible to set up the grow tent.
  • You may encounter little light breaks.
  • The zipper isn’t that solid or very much sewed, so you must be watchful while opening or shutting it.

8. Gorilla GGT48 grow tent

Gorilla grow tents are the best grow tent arrangements available. They are professionally planned grow tents that are perfect for specialists and ideal for amateurs.

Thick threading and tight seals help contain odor and additionally frame a tough plate that genuinely holds water. This tallest, thickest, and most grounded grow tent can stretch out up to 8′, 9′, or even 10′ tall!

Highlights of Gorilla – Grow tent GGT48

  1. Twofolds your yields with the primary ever tallness altering grow tent.
  2.  Huge EZ see windows offer simple develop previews without tradinThick threading and tight seals help contain odor and additionally frame a tough plate that genuinely holds water. This tallest, thickest, and most grounded grow tent can stretch out up to 8′, 9′, or even 10′ tall!Thick threading and tight seals help contain odor and additionally frame a tough plate that genuinely holds water. This tallest, thickest, and most grounded grow tent can stretch out up to 8′, 9′, or even 10′ tall!g off your condition.
  3. The entryways offer 360 degree helpful access.
  4.  Thick material and expansive 10″ twofold securing ducting ports make keeping up a perfect developing space.
  5.  Become simple on yourself. Use gorilla. Gorilla grow tents are the: tallest – flexible shafts enable you to expand the tallness of your grow tent from 7′ to 8′ to 9′ or even 10′ tall.
  6.  Thickest – with an immense string thickness of 1680d.
  7. Gorilla grow tents are up to 3 – 9x denser than any grow tent at any point made.
  8. Most durable – highlights a strong metal interlocking casing.
  9.  Gorilla grow tent edges are so solid they can hold up to 300 lbs.
  10. Most secure, infrared blocking rooftop keeps surface temperatures cool.
  11.  Best quality – Greatest zippers available.
  12.  Bug safe pre-channels.

Pros & Cons

Why Should Use?
  • This grow tent has 100% metal interlocking, tough casing and connectors.
  • This Gorilla model has of about 1680D “simple on” grow tent.
  • You have been in advantage if you chose this grow tent as it has an infrared blocking rooftop in addition
  • Moreover, you get to have an advantageous access to apparatus pocket.
Why Shouldn’t Use?
  • The zipper may begin to tear separated with consistent usage.
  • The window straps may begin to destroy.

Buying Guide- Grow Tent Checklist before Purchase

Various plants can be grown in various locations but what mainly matters is the temperature and the climate conditions of that location. However, how would you feel if you can setup an environment by your own?

You can control the essential factors like humidity and temperature and setup an artificial environment for the growth of your indoor plants. Isn’t it amazing? These grow tents let you have a control over the growth of your favorite plants. A grow tent has now become a friendly tool for modern farmers.

Because the grow tents made it easy for them to cultivate any variety of plant in any season.

While buying the best grow tent, you must consider some of the important factors. Considering a few factors will truly result in better yields of your garden. When you decide to buy the best grow tent for your indoor plantation, you should ensure that the created environment is perfect for the plant you desire to grow.

You will have detailed information on the topics like temperature, air flow, and accessible environment for ensuring a better growth of your plants. Here is a list of things you must consider while buying the best grow tent for your indoor garden:

  • You should keep in mind the area or the space where you want the grow tent to be kept. Because it will help you decide the number of plants you can grow and what size of the tent should be considered for your area. This will help you purchase faster.
  • The grow tent you wish to purchase must have enough height to become suitable for the growth of your plants. Other words say that the grow tent should have a high headroom. The height of the grow tents can be adjusted accordingly because it will be best for you to buy the grow tents with adjustable poles.
  • Everyone would want to have a tough grow tent so as to sustain every type of weather conditions. So, you should look for the framework of the grow tent too. The construction of the grow tent must be of solid material and tightly stitched to withstand any climate change.
  • The lightening plays an important role. You should avoid infrared light in your grow tent because it has an adverse effect on growing plants. The light must be chosen carefully as it helps in photosynthesis and the development of your plants.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q1. How many plants can I grow in a 5x5 tent?
You should look for the type of plant you want to grow in a tent before setting up the tent. You can grow round about 8-9 plants in a 5×5 grow tent.
Q2. What should be the temperature be in a grow tent?
Temperature and humidity are the main factors that should be considered while growing plants in a tent. In a grow tent, the maximum temperature should be 31 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature should be 17 degree Celsius. Well, the ideal temperature is considered to be between 20 to 28 degrees Celsius. And the humidity should remain between maximum as 75 % and minimum as 20 %.
Q3. How do I choose how many watts I need for a LED grow light?
 You have to choose the LED grow light that has less power consumption. You also need to keep in mind about the coverage of a LED grow light. For better development and growth of your plants, you should purchase the LED grow light that will provide you the full coverage. Moreover, you would not want it to a burden on your electricity bill so choosing a 600 Watt LED grow light will efficient and pocket friendly.


Final Verdict

Grow tent is a new concept in the modern days of indoor gardening. And truly, gardening with grow tents has become very popular because of not much hassle. It will be fruitful for garden lovers and the beginners to start indoor gardening on their own with the help of these important tools. Now, you can create your own garden either in a small or large indoor area and start growing your favorite fruits and fresh veggies so that you can stay fit and healthy.

You need to have some knowledge to control the environment in the grow tent because this task isn’t really easy. You must know everything related to the temperature, humidity and light for every type of growing plant.

Each grow tent has it has amazing features and will prove out to be an outstanding product in meeting your needs and requirements. You have to be smart and careful while buying one! Good luck!



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