5 Best Wheelbarrow 2018 Review – How to Buy the Best One!

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What Is Wheelbarrow and How To Choose Best Wheelbarrow 2018?

Moving a heavy load from one place to another is always a challenging task. When you need to carry loads from light to heavy and need to move in long distance, Wheelbarrow is the most reliable tool for this work. This gardening tool makes it easy and helpful for you to move the heap in a mobile distance. After read the whole review you will get to know how to select best wheelbarrow 2018 according to your needs.

Wheelbarrow is basically used in constructions, farms and at the marketplace alike, but it comes handy at home for your gardening task also. When the work load feels heavier, you can always rely on it. As the firm laborers need to bring harvest into the farms or to transport it, Wheelbarrow plays an important role in the transportation of the goods in firms.

The wheelbarrow consists of mainly 3 parts: a handle, a wheel and a tray. It is useful to know about how the wheelbarrow parts function. The tray is used to carry the loads. With the help of the handle, you push the tool on wheel.

2 wheel wheelbarrows are very common now. If you want to be bit futuristic, then you have another option too. There is an electrical wheelbarrow too. Electric wheelbarrow will make the task go easier because they use electricity.

Here’s a review to give you the idea about the best wheelbarrow 2018 so that you can choose the best one.

1.WORX Aerocart review – multifunction 2 Wheeled Best  Wheelbarrow

The WORX Aerocart multifunction 2 Wheeled Wheelbarrow is a multipurpose wheelbarrow with different functionality. The Aerocart yard cart has the ability to move things with around a volume of 3 feet tub limit and things that weigh 300 lbs. This wheelbarrow can carry different types of weights including blocks, soils, rocks and wood.

The aerocart wheelbarrow weighs around 48 lbs. This heavy duty tool has the ability to serve various gardening tasks. The Aerocart 2 wheeled wheelbarrow can bring change to your attitude towards gardening. It makes difficult works easier. When using this wheelbarrow, lifting 200 lbs of weight will feel like no heavier than 20lb weight. Because your back and joints will be at ease making the weight easier to carry. It saves your time for other gardening chores.

Principle Highlights Of WORX Aerocart wheelbarrow

  1. Aerocart wheelbarrow has a weight of about 49 pounds
  2. This item’s measurements are 42 inches X 12 inches X 18 inches.
  3. This cart can be effectively changed over to 8 different kinds of moving cartss.
  4. The handle of this wheelbarrow can be utilized to convey up to 80 lbs and can lift about 300 lbs of load
  5. Worx cart can be changed over without other tools to end up plainly a flower pot, cylinder and back holder.
  6. This wheelbarrow provides you with a pot strap, cylinder and back holder options.
  7. It has a focus of gravity centered plan to manage weights by adjusting it.
  8. This item is available in mainly Silver, orange and black colors.

Pros & Cons of WORX Aerocart

Why Should Use?
  • Worx Aerocart wheelbarrow is sturdy and this wheelbarrow is exceptionally flexible in transportation of work and has a lifting framework.
  • Larger than average tires and has an Ergonomic lift outline.
  • Developed from steel therefore, Worx Aerocart makes it hassle free to convey heavier loads and weights.
Why Shouldn’t Use?
  • Somewhat small sized.
  • Ground clearance is low
  • Guarantee does not include the parts of the wheelbarrow that wear out.

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2. Marathon wheelbarrow – Residential Dual Wheel Yard Cart

The Marathon Dual Wheel Yard Cart is amongst the best 2 wheel wheelbarrow that a user can find in the market to use.

This gardening tool comes with extraordinary features that help to get various gardening works done. The Marathon cart is useful because of its mobility, less adjustments needed, the lower exertion needed to lift this cart. It has also a light weighted tool. Anyone can use this tool to lift heavy weights in their home or other places.

This wheelbarrow comes with a tray which has a width of 27.5 inches and the length of 36 inches. It has the ability to carry weights weighing of about 300 pounds. A bunch of things that can be pulled with the help of wheelbarrow are rocks, trash, yard garbage, logs, and topsoil.

This wheelbarrow is one of the Marathon Residential wheelbarrows that accompany an air-filled tire. A wheelbarrow with nothing but easy to setup and is of high caliber.

Principle Features of Marathon wheelbarrow Residential Yard cart

  1. This yard cart weighs 33 pounds
  2. The item measurements are: 35 inches X 16 inches X 14 inches.
  3. You will just require a flathead screwdriver & a sickle to help it install it.
  4. 4Marathon Residential Yard cart provides you a poly plate of 5 cubic foot. This plate is rust proof.
  5. The handle of this wheelbarrow comes with a pad hold to make it easier on your hand to draw/ push the wheelbarrow & additionally dump the substance.
  6. wheelbarrow weighs roughly 25 % lesser than general wheelbarrows.
  7. Wheelbarrow handle comes with pad cushioning.
  8. Moderate & simple to move, adjust and lift

Pros & Cons of Marathon wheelbarrow Residential Dual Wheel Yard Cart

Why Should Use?
  • You will have 2 air-filled wheels and a solid flat free tire is available.
  • Installation requires only a couple of minutes
  • Ideal for private use. Also, each required piece accompanies the package.
Why Shouldn’t Use?
  • The plate is produced using plastic.

3. Power Assist wheelbarrow 24 Volt

This is a standout among the most popular and best wheelbarrows in 2018. Having a wheelbarrow to carry the weights isn’t really an issue. The main problem here is moving the wheelbarrow around, particularly, when you need to lift weights of up to 200 lbs.

The 24-volt drive framework in the Power Assist Wheelbarrow makes it easier to move your wheelbarrow around. It is very different than other wheelbarrows that are not an electric wheelbarrow. It additionally includes a two-wheel autonomous drive for genuine mobility and simple turning. It includes a basic tool for turn around and forward control. It is conceivable to pull rocks, bushes, sand and turf.

It has 13 inches tires, a steel outline that is tough and additionally a solid poly tub of 6 cubic foot. These enable it to perform intense jobs. You will need 12V units of the battery to run the framework.

Highlights Of Power Assist wheelbarrow 24 Volt

  1. Item’s measurement is of 57 inches X 28 inches X 27 inches.
  2. Power assist wheelbarrow provides you a straight, inverse and forward control
  3. Two wheels autonomous drive that makes genuine mobility and turning simple.
  4. Drive framework worked on 24V battery. Simple to work with batteries.
  5. An electric wheelbarrow that makes it easy in budget to move around
  6. Simple to use Because Fueled with batteries
  7. It has Power burst capacity So this tool Works appropriately and efficiently

Pros & Cons of Power Assist wheelbarrow 24 Volt

Why Should Use?
  • The limit of 200 lbs with a durability to carry tough burdens.
  • Incredible for moving rocks, bushes, sand, and turf.
  • Great for individuals who don’t have abilities to push manual wheelbarrows.
Why Shouldn’t Use?
  • It is somewhat costly, particularly contrasted with non-electric wheelbarrows
  • More tough to use because of the heaviness of the battery.
  • It could be hard to discern whether the apparatus is in backward mode or not

4. Gorilla cart gor866d -1200 Lbs Wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow has a new casing plan that helps both the light and heavy loads. It also includes the speedy protected framework as the wheelbarrow can be emptied and stacked easily. It has 4 wheels that are adjusted making it simple to use.

The new outline for the edge makes the wheelbarrow better to move. The cart has a turning span that is tight. The solid and extreme poly bed can be effectively cleaned. The moving tires are 13 inches and are made in a way that they can used whether you have to move around plants, rock, mulch or soil.

The handle is a 2 out of 1 convertible handle that rolls out it simple to improvement. The cart can be used to pull things up to 1200 lbs of weight. It is, accordingly, an incredible gadget for each activity around the garden or home.

The measurements of the wheelbarrow are 40 inches x 25 inches. The cart has a general weight of 60 pounds and a tallness of 26.2 inches.

Highlights Of Gorilla cart gor866d 1200 Lbs

  • The wheelbarrow has a guarantee for 1 year.
  • Gorilla cart has a weight of 58.6 pounds
  • This wheelbarrow has a tallness of 25 inches
  • Gorilla yard cart has a Pulling limit of 1200 pounds
  • It has a 13 inches tire that can be used for any landscape
  • Poly bed that is impervious to rust and has a measurement of 40 inches by 25 inches
  • The framework of this cart is produced using steel
  • A garden cart for tough weights. And can be utilized as a part of for all intents and purposes.
  • Unbending edge. Simple for waste to be dumped and stacked because of its protected discharge innovation.

Pros & Cons of Gorilla cart gor866d 1200 Lbs Wheelbarrow

Why Should Use?
  • Can deal with weight of 1200 pounds, which is around 400 percent of what most typical wheelbarrows can deal with.
  • The handle is convertible and can be changed from pulling to pushing
  • Extraordinary outline that takes into account simple cleaning.
  • It is moderate and does not need much support and can be moved with ease
Why Shouldn’t Use?
  • Detectable smell of plastic and elastic items
  • There might need to include some additional propping in an event.

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5. Ames True Dual Wheel Poly Tray Wheelbarrow

The Ames True Dual Wheel Poly Tray Wheelbarrow is a overwhelmingly customer verified wheelbarrow that can be used for mountains of loads. The supports and front plate are made of steel. It has 2 sixteen wheel congregations of metal balls and 2 handle tires.

The wheelbarrow can be used by the normal people and temporary workers alike if they use it for day to day and long-term usage. The development of this cart made sure of quality.

They can be utilized to carry stones, bushes and in addition other massive loads. They can likewise be used for moving logs of wood also. This wheelbarrow additionally serves the requirements of different kind of loads. Carrying various loads is very easy.

The length of the handle from the plate is around 15 inches making it awesome for conveying solid pieces and other ordinary home use.

Highlights Of Ames True Temper

  1. The wheelbarrow is dispatched in 3 boxes.
  2. Cleaning is simple for this wheelbarrow.
  3. Ames true temper yard cart has a poly plate that is rust proof
  4. It has a lightweight
  5. The handle of this wheelbarrow is produced using hardwood
  6. Developed to do rough and tough tasks.
  7. This product is only available in yellow shade.
  8. It works extremely well
  9. The twofold wheel of the wheelbarrow gives it an extraordinary adjust

Pros & Cons of Ames True Dual Wheel Poly Tray

Why Should Use?
  • Strong and can be utilized for more than 5 years with a complete support
  • The size is extraordinary for the vast usage.
  • It is likewise exceptionally stable with great weight limit
Why Shouldn’t Use?
  • Somewhat expensive for a wheelbarrow that isn’t electric
  • There might need to have elastic washers between the famework and endeavor to enhance its stun engrossing capacity with the goal that it can last more

Important Wheelbarrow Parts

  • Handle: It is a part of wheelbarrow that is held when you use the wheelbarrow. Basically, the two main operations are performed with the help of a handle: pushing and pulling of the wheelbarrow. It will be difficult to carry the load in a wheelbarrow without a handle. Usually, the handles are made up of wood or steel provided with some rubber cushioning to avoid the strain at wrists. The handle of the wheelbarrow can be customized for more purposes. The handle can serve to carry handbags. There are handles especially designed to make the transportation of items very comfortable and convenient. The handle is extended out from under the wheelbarrow tray and is used to carry the loads on the wheelbarrow.
  • Wheelbarrow tray: This important part of the wheelbarrow helps in moving the items especially the heavy ones around. Basically, this tray provides a platform for you to place the goods and so that they can be moved around easily. It is build with a strong metal or steel, making it easy to move. The size of the tray should be according to the requirement. Because, the size of the tray determines the load wheelbarrow can bear. Its strength depends on the weight that wheelbarrow can manage. Well, when excess weight (above recommended) is carried on the tray, it could lead to faults in some or the other parts of the wheelbarrow.
  • Wheelbarrow Wheel: It is the main part of the wheelbarrow machine. A wheel provides the platform at which you can move the wheelbarrow. The wheels are round and small and are built to take away all the pains and minimize all the efforts that you put in to move the heavy item from one place to another. The wheel of the wheelbarrow eases the stress to carry the heavy good because it is designed to lift the goods on the wheels. Too much bumpy area should be avoided. If the wheels of the wheelbarrow face any fault (big or small) it can become very difficult to the move the wheelbarrow.

Buying Guide- How to Choose the Best Wheelbarrow

Choose the perfect wheelbarrow considering the advantages it provides. You have to make the right decision of which wheelbarrow will suit best for your work. Here is a list of things that you ought to consider before jumping on the right decision to choose the best wheelbarrow for your garden or daily life activities.

  1. You must check for the tray size of the wheelbarrow while buying the right one. The tray size is dependent on the amount of load that a wheelbarrow can handle. Therefore, it is must for you to consider the tray size as an important factor especially, when you intend to load heavy goods on the wheelbarrow.
  2. The wheelbarrow makes it easier for you to transport heavy items between distances. If you are the one who has to move heavy goods on a regular basis, then you would definitely want your wheelbarrow to carry much possible load. You should look out for the weight capacity. If you carry more and more load, then you should have a wheelbarrow with higher weight capacity than others.
  3. The usual wheelbarrows have only one wheel. Because people prefer only basic and the most affordable wheelbarrow. If, you wish to take “efficiency” into consideration, then you should go on for buying a wheelbarrow with 2 or more than 2 wheels. A wheelbarrow having 2 or more than 2 wheels will provide you the right balance for transportation of items and goods. They will make the movement of wheelbarrow lighter and easier.
  4. The building material of the wheelbarrow has to be very strong. It is mainly built with steel and a few rubber materials. The building material determines the strength of the wheelbarrow.
  5. Another factor that can be considered is the ground clearance of the wheelbarrow. To avoid tough terrains, the ground clearance must be higher. So, choose it wisely.


Final Verdict

The wheelbarrow machine will help you move the load between distances. This best wheelbarrow review has gone a long way in helping you select the best wheelbarrow for yourself. You should carefully select the wheelbarrow before buying.

As mentioned, there are a few factors that are to be considered while choosing the right tool. Some of the factors include ground clearance of the wheelbarrow should be higher, the weight capacity of the wheelbarrow should be more so as to carry the greater amount of load, the rigidity of the wheelbarrow must be higher, the offloading should be done at ease and the tray size of the wheelbarrow should be according to your needs and the wheelbarrow should have an ideal height to get the things done at a certain ease.

You can go on for choosing electric wheelbarrow too. It will be an optimal choice for you if you want something not too complicated to work with. Generally, people just choose any from these wheelbarrows checklist that fits their requirements and is pocket friendly.

We make sure that any of the best listed wheelbarrows will definitely serve you in a long period and without being a trouble to your daily life. These best listed wheelbarrows are not a burden because they are affordable with same capability as others.

Gift yourself the best of all the wheelbarrows that we have shortlisted because you must choose the most affordable and the capable ones. Happy buying…..



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