Worx Aerocart Review- Why You Should Choose !

Worx Aerocart Review

Worx Aerocart Reviews: how and why should you Choose


After read the whole worx aerocart review you will get know why you should choose this Aerocart.

I have soft corner for writing reviews and it is time to check out ranged of wheelbarrows.I am regular user of wheelbarrow but never researched them well past. I thought just buying a wheelbarrow that suited my budged.

How wrong was I?There is a few factors that need to be know for selecting best wheelbarrow .After researched about thirty wheelbarrows, finally i got worx Aerocart WG050 Wheelbarrow which give me best useful to my work. I feel it was best choose to carry out heavy things like garden plant, furniture , shopping , garbage and household things.

What Is The Worx Aerocart ?

Worx Aerocart Wheelbarrow is not only usual wheelbarrow but also more than just a unique tools, it has 8-in-1 lifting and moving system that can be used like a wheelbarrow, extended dolly, cylinder carrier, bag holder, yard cart, dolly, trailer mover, flower, pot, rock mover and lifter. This Aerocart work more than your efforts which is a little diligence given more feedback. Worx website also mentioned that, it can be used to move boat, motorcycle and trailers around the yard.

My extensive research finally led me to the Worx Aerocart WG050 Multifunction 2 wheeled yard cart.

What is to look for when buying best wheelbarrow:

When buying wheelbarrows a few important aspect that need to be known and these are,

  1. Size
  2. Weight
  3. Moving Carts
  4. Handler
  5. Flexiblity
  6. Tires
  7. Warrenty
  8. and finally price

if you need to use wheelbarrow regular basis stick with me until end and finally you will get to know why Worx Aerocart Multifunction 2-wheeled yard cart is the Best Aerocart Ever.

Why Worx Aerocart Wheelbarrow is the best?

What’s the hardest part of the any project heavy lifting, Strain of carrying, Exhaustion from moving. it,s all backbreaking work.There is just no easy when you lift move thing until now ,But the Worx Aerocart 8 in 1 purpose lifter and mover machine makes every load lightens.Worx Aerocart especially developed actually making you more powerful, Turbo lift technology makes Aerocart 4X stronger than normal wheelbarrow.Forget old fashion wheelbarrows they are big, bulky, heavy, Hard to balance but Worx Arocart makes the work very easy like 200 lb wheelbarrow load feel like 17 lbs.

worx aerocart review

  • look 70 years old grand mother lift 200 lbs stones with ease .
  • Easily Transfer your wheelbarrow to powerful Yard cart/Dolly, Extended Dolly, Cylinder Holder, Rock/Plant Mover, Bag Holder
  • Durable and easy to use
  • The Tyre is flat-free and can smoothly ride any loads
  • For loading balance Worx Aerocart has two wheel gravity center
  • The Worx Aerocart does all the heavy lifting, carrying, moving make easier.
  • Every project will be done faster and job take less work with extreme leverage
  • it is easy to lift,it easy to back and it’s easy to roll long.
  • It minimize the Strain of the heavy lifting when need to moving the around.
  • The Aerocart absolutely Empowers women to do any project with lights or heavy.

Do you need to move large items?

Don’t worry , you can move any large items with this multifunction Aerocart, just need to convert Aerocart whelbarrow to a Dolly then down the bottom flap now it will be look like heavy duty hand Truck.Now you can move easily any large boxes, bulky furniture and other any kinds large items.The capacity of this Hand Truck 300 lb,and it makes load feel light weight.

How to use Plant and Rock Mover?

You will get Plant Mover Strap and Rock Mover Mesh, just need to Strap the potted Plant to the potted plant mover and hock it with extension arms.Now it’s ready to use and can moved any heavy awkward items.Plant Mover and Rock mover have capacity 80 pounds.

Using Extended Dolly

Do you need to carry bulky items ,like Large Bags of Mulch or dirt on your your yard? Then ,just you need to fold out the Extension Arms from the Aerocart Wheelbarrow.Now it will converted to Extended Dolly and you can move any oversize tools & patio furniture.Without any help anyone can move up to 80 pounds with this Extended Dolly.

How you can use Bag Holder?

Bag Holder also included with Aerocart ,you just need to snaps into the main frame.Without using of your Hands for this work, it can be used for hold lawn & Leaf Bags. after loading the bag just need to roll it for out or keep it any other places.

How you can use as a Cylinder Carrier?

If you need to move over-sized round objects like water jugs, Buckets, Trash Cans and Barrels then Cylinder Holder plays an important role. just need to add Cylinder Holder clips into Cart frame .Just load up and go.You don’t need to drug ,push any loads.

Worx Aerocart’s Weight, Size, Capacity Does matter!

Only Aerocart Cart Weight 41 Pounds.Wheelbarrow & Dolly Mode weight capacity up to 300 pounds and volume capacity about 3 cubic feet.Bag Holder weight Capacity around 40 pounds, Cylinder Carrier weight Capacity up to 80 Pounds.

What Will Get

  • Aerocart WG050
  • Cylinder Holder
  • Bag Holder
  • Plant Mover Strap
  • Rock Mover Mesh
  • and user Manual

Does Include Warranty?

yes, Worx Aercocart WG050 ,giving 3 years Warranty.

Worx Aerocart Unboxing, Assembly and Review

See Below Video and learn how you can easily Assemble, Unboxing and more about Worx Aerocart.

Where to Buy the Worx Aerocart ?

Amazon is the best place to buy comparing with price of other online merchants .Amazon now offering free of shipping option .Click Below To View Worx Aerocart WG050 Current Price:

Where can you read more reviews for the Worx Aerocart WG050?

According online merchants like, Amazon, Ebay, Wallmart and other retail Stores worx Aerocat WG050 is the best seller in Wheelbarrows and also got 4.2 star rating from 1400 reviews.

If you want more reviews about Worx Aerocart WG050, will get from amazon because who actually used this
product they put their reviews on Amazon: Aerocart Amazon

Final Thought About Worx Aerocart :

After read whole this worx aerocart review you already get to know why Worx Aerocart is the best wheelbarrow ever in the aerocart industry.It is not only normal wheelbarrow for gardening use but also varied use of it.This exceptionally tools which is designed to do lift out full loads easily and It can be also used home and yard maintenance also.



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